About Artizano

Artizano Italian furniture tables


Artizano is a family business based in Kent with long-standing links to Italy. In the late 1990’s while on holiday we came across a range of stunning volcanic stone tables. We loved the tables so much we were determined to make them a part of our lives. So, in 2000 we launched a business to offer these beautiful pieces of furniture to discerning clients.

The artists in Deruta have been producing glazed Italian ceramic ware called majolica for over 600 years. The same techniques that were used then are still used today and many of the original designs still survive. This technique has now been applied to volcanic stone and produces an extremely attractive yet very practical and durable piece of furniture. The tables can be left outside all year round with no worries about cold weather. Every table is totally individual because even though they may be based on the same design, the artist always imbues each pattern with his own individual style, something which adds to their charm. No two tables are ever identical, these tables are truly special. As the tables are all made by hand it means that you can have whatever design or colour scheme that you want.
How the tables are made
The volcanic stone is quarried from the Umbrian hills and then cut to the size and shape required. It is then fired in the kiln to ensure there are no flaws in the stone. After this firing a white under glaze is applied to the top face of the stone to provide a smooth surface.

Artizano Italian furniture tables
The artist then paints the chosen design onto the table and a clear transparent glaze is applied to the top. The table is fired again in the kiln at 1,000 degrees Celsius for about 24 hours. This brings all of the colours to life and provides a truly beautiful, practical piece of furniture.

Unlike other stone such as marble these tables are non-porous and will not stain

The smooth, lustrous finish is impervious to moisture, frost and the elements. It produces a table which is a durable, maintenance free alternative to the standard woods, metals and resins.
  • They are frost proof and can be left outside, uncovered all year round
  • They are impervious to UV light so the design will not fade
  • They are heat resistant so that dishes can be taken straight from the hottest oven and put onto the   table surface with no risk of scorching or burning
  • They do not require any special cleaning agents

As every design is hand painted, every table is individual. Even tables that are produced to the same basic design will be an individual hand painted creation. Or, if you prefer, you can have a standard design modified to your own tastes, or you can even have a completely new design produced that is unique to your home.

Our Approach
Our strong customer focussed approach means that we always want our clients to see the tables before they commit to an order and we welcome them personally to our showroom. To make sure that we will be available when you want to visit, please contact us in advance to make a personal appointment. If you are unable to visit our showroom then we are more than happy to visit you in your own home if this is more convenient.