Below are our customers Frequently Asked Questions that you may find useful when considering purchasing a table from Artizano. If there is anything else you want to know, please contact us directly.

What size do I need?

We normally advise that you allow 60cm per person and calculate your table size depending on how many people you normally want to be able to seat. Our recommendations are the following:

Number of people Round or Square Rectangle or Oval
4 90cm or 100cm 120cm x 70cm
6 120cm or 130cm 180cm x 90cm
8 150cm or 160cm 200cm x 100cm
10 200cm 250cm x 100cm

We are very happy to give any advice on size that you require.

What sizes do you offer?

In addition to the standard sizes here, you can literally have whatever you want.

Are the tables frost resistant?

Yes, they can be left outside all year round and do not even need to be covered up during the winter months.

How do I clean the tables?

Simply use hot water, a cloth and a typical household cleaning cream.

Do they fade in sunlight?

No, not at all.

What happens if I spill something onto the surface?

No problem, leave it as long as you like. These ceramic tables have a sealed surface and are not porous so just wipe the stain off whenever it is convenient.

Do I need to use protective mats when eating?

No. The tables are fired in a kiln for 24hours at 1,000 degrees centigrade – 4 times the temperature of your kitchen oven – so you can put anything hot direct on to the surface of your table.

Are the tables heavy?

They are made out of solid volcanic stone typically 3cm thick. A 100cm round table for example weighs 55kg.

Where can I see them?

We have a showroom in Kent, and are happy to see customers at any time by appointment. Please contact us to make an appointment for your visit. We are also happy to visit customers in the UK at their own homes with some of the smaller tables that we have here on display.

What is the lead time from when I order?

This is typically 6 – 8 weeks, but during the busy summer months can rise to 10 – 12 weeks.

Do you hold tables in stock?

No, as all tables are individually made to order by our craftsmen in Deruta.

Can you provide custom designs?

Yes, we can. Click here to see what we have offered to other customers and contact us to discuss your own requirements.

Can you deliver overseas?

Yes, we can arrange deliveries all around the world. To date we have delivered to customers in the USA, the Caribbean, Australia, France, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Once we know what size of table you would like to purchase we can notify you of what the delivery cost will be.

What are the transport costs?

This will depend on the size and weight of the table you have chosen and your location. We will be happy to provide you with a complete quotation on request.

If your question has still not been answered please contact us here.